The king is dead!

Long live the King!

The king is dead!

Long live the King!

Mynte Béranger

The product quality is exceptional

The customer support team was friendly and knowledgeable. My only concern was the slightly delayed shipping, but the discreet packaging made up for it.

Aliyyah Garnet

Top-notch customer service has top-notch customer service. Fast shipping and discrete packaging, as promised. The Wedding Cake product was a sweet surprise – delightful flavor and quality.

Edwena Chapman

Amnesia Lemon Haze, was out of this world. A definite win!

I can’t say enough about the incredible customer support at They were patient in answering all my questions. The product,

Joel Hall

Highly recommended gets a solid five stars from me. Super fast shipping, discrete packaging, and their Pineapple Express product is a tropical paradise in every puff.